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27 Dinner tonight

Just a quick post…

I can’t wait! Bryan and I are off to the 27 Dinner tonight! We managed to get our names on the list early, so we are GOING woo hoo!

Its looks like it’s going to be a great evening to network, listen to some music and some great minds! I think it’s going to be outside… so note to self…better dress warmly!


time with mom

Mothers day in SA was about 2 weeks ago, but my mom and I celebrated it on Saturday.

I decided that both of us needed to spend some quality time together, because since I started working, I find that we don’t spend as much time with eachother as we used to.

Before the days of work, and while I was studying, we used to go out every morning and have a cup of coffee somewhere. It was a great break from the studying and it gave me some bonding (and shopping 🙂 ) time with my mom!

So… on Saturday I booked us into Woodlands Spa for a hot stone massage and a pedicure. WOW!!!!! It was amazing! I recommend it to anyone who loves (and needs) to be pampered! The massage was brilliant! I managed to forget all about the pain of my teeth and actually relax!

I booked a couples room for the two of us. Their normal rooms are great, but it’s more special if you can have the treatments done together in one room. The rooms have little wooden decks and big glass windows that look over the Crocodile River… very peaceful!

We sat and had a really nice tea and chocolate muffin when we were done! I know what you’re thinking, chocolate after doing the healthy, healing thing, but it was so indulgent and yummy!

It was a wonderful day with my mom, she really deserves all the pampering in the world, and I hope it made her relax just a little! Thanks mommy for spending it with me! 🙂


Metal, wire and stone

I had my braces put on yesterday 😦

Let me reverse quickly… I have been having some major issues with my jaw over the past few years so I made a decision last year to do something about it. I had two options, 1. to have an operation to fix the problem of my jaw dislocating, or 2. to go by it a slightly different way and go visit a guy who specialises in jaws who could help me with no operation. Either way, I had to fact the reality of getting my braces back on.

So naturally, i chose option 2! I am absolutely petrified of operations and from talking to some girls who have been through the op before, I decided I really didn’t want to go through that that pain. Plus, these operations that you do for your jaw only really work if you have an issue with your bone structure (so we’ve heard)…they don’t fix any ligament or joint problems. Apparently it just makes the whole situation worse.

So anyway, I have been going to a fantastic ortho for the last 9 months who has been brilliant in fixing my jaw. He uses very new methods and moves the jaw, muscles and ligaments without applying any force or need for an operation.

I’m in my 9th month of my 2 1/2 year treatment, and my jaw already feels hundreds better! The dislocation has stopped, I can eat harder things again and I can yawn like a normal person! I am so happy that he has been able to fix it so quickly. However I am still in the early stages of my treatment, as he now has to keep the new position of my jaw very stable so it does not move back to where it was previously.

Part of that process is moving my teeth to a new position in my mouth so my jaw has some leverage to rest on. The only great thing about having my braces again is the fact that I can fix all the issues I had with my teeth in the meantime.

The major problem I’m having now (and it’s only been a day for goodness sake) is the pain!! it’s funny how your body makes you forget pain. I remember being in discomfort when I had braces previously, but nothing like this… it’s really horrible…

…and the worse thing is, on top of the pain, I had to really pluck up my self-confidence this morning to get up and go to work! Now that I’m here, everyone has been so supportive which is wonderful… I love my work in that way, everyone here actually cares… it’s so great!

So in order for me to start feeling a bit better (and to spoil my mom), I have booked for the two of us to go have a hot stone massage and pedi tomorrow morning at this wonderful spa in Magalisburg called Woodlands.

It is very tranquil there as it is situated right on the river. You have treatments in these little private rooms that have decks onto the Crocodile River… it’s really wonderful…

I’m hoping a few hours there will give me some time to spend with my mum and relax to forget the pain 🙂


Getting your boss to love Social Media

Because I love the online sphere of marketing so much, I thought i should start sharing some interesting things I have been learning in my new job.

Quirk has just posted a great article on how to sell social media to your boss… I think the topic of Social Media for any brand at the moment is a majorally hot topic! Seems like everyone wants a piece of the pie 🙂 But what I find most interesting and relevent about this article is the fact that it is very difficult to push the concept of social media onto your business if 1. your boss doesn’t believe in it and 2. if your brand is not relevent for that type of social media.

What I am slowly coming to realise is that, YES, we have to think about playing in the social media space, because whether we like it or not there are people talking about your brand online, but, and it’s a big BUT for some, it has to be relevant, and the type of platform you use has to be relevant. There is no point in having a Facebook profile or tweet constantly if your target audience is not noticing…

So my interim solution… make sure you get your boss involved. Having the support to take the plunge into the social media space makes it much easier and gives you the kind of support you need to carry it off, and secondly, ensure that you research where your target audience is and where the people that are talking about you are, so that you can capture their interest that much easier.

Well that was my social splurb the day 🙂 hope it was helpful!


Photo Shoot with my best friend

On Saturday, Robz and I woke up before the crack of dawn to do make-up and get ourselves dressed and ready for our photo shoot with Jeanette.

A few weeks earlier, we all discussed the prospect of doing a TTD (trash the dress) photo shoot in our matric dance dresses. TTD is normally done in wedding dresses after the big day, so basically you can go wild and ‘trash’ your dress to get the perfect shot. I’ve seen some woman go MAD with some of these shoots… lying in the sea with their dresses, running through the bush and sometimes mud… madness! and so much fun. So… we decided that since we are going to have to wait quite a while for that to happen we would do it in our matric dance dresses. 🙂

Once slight issue… matirc was about 5 years ago, and fitting into the said dresses was turning out to be a problem 😉 In the end we settled on smart/evening wear for the shoot, but we also wanted to put a ‘funky’ spin on the photos.

So on Sat morning, J told us we needed to be up and ready at 6am to drive to Cheryl’s farm (which is in Magilsburg) to take the photos.

Her new farm is really nice. Big open spaces and of course, all the horses are there (which I love and miss dearly). The weather was horrible… it was FREEZING  and ended up raining half way through the shoot. But we has SOOO much fun!

The evening wear thing ended up not happening…it was just too cold to change, but I think we made the best of what we did wear!

The highlight of my day was having a ride on Warrior (Cheryl’s horse) He has not been ridden in a year due to some injuries, but I was privileged enough to have a wonderful ride while J took photos. It felt so good to be able to ride again! I miss it so much… he must have loved the ride, because when I let him free in the paddock when we were done, he ran wild, jumping and galloping across the field… It was wonderful to see!

All in all, it was an awesome morning and I’m so glad I got to do it with my best friend, Robyn! We have the most amazing pics now! Thanks J! 🙂

Check them out here on Jeanettes site!

Here’s a small taste…




There’s Friday’s and then there’s today…

I love Fridays! It’s the true beginning of a weekend. Well, I normally love Fridays…

On a usual Friday, my morning starts off just like any other morning, get up, wash up, dress up, eat up…then leave for work. On the drive into town, where my offices are, i always have my radio on 5fm. I love the Gareth Cliff show, some say he is rather controversial, but I love him, he always has a way of making me laugh and smile no matter what the traffic situation is outside my bubble of a car. Religiously, every Friday morning he and his team shout “ITS THE WEEKEND BABY” and from that moment on it becomes the start of my weekend…even though I’m on my to work.

Once at work, I have some tea (which is a absolute addiction of mine), read my emails and settle in for the day. Work on Fridays become rather unproductive after our team meeting as most of the office is in “Friday” mood. We sit and chat about work, actually do some work and generally have a relaxing working day.

My day normally ends around 4 in the afternoon on a Friday so I can beat traffic.

Friday nights are a buzz of entertainment (depending on the work week and how we feel of course)…clubbing, bar hopping, dinner with friends or eating out with the boyfriend. So all in all Fridays are a good day at work and at home…

But THIS MORNING was different… as soon as my eyes opened and i realised it was Friday, I had another rather irritating pound in my head that wouldn’t go away… it turns out to be a headache from HELL!!!!

So my drive into work was not very joyful…Gareth didn’t even manage to put a smile on my face in the car, and when I got into work, my body felt like a heavy lump of lard!

I think I’m getting flu… ON A FRIDAY!!! what are the odds…. AARRRGGG

…and I still want to go out tonight???

…this is where I wish I was…

Jackie on my comfy bed

Jackie on my comfy bed


Earth Mosaic…finally up!

A few weeks ago, my photo mad family went out and took photos to contribute to the earth mosaic photostream. My mom went out with my sister one afternoon and took some amazing photos of the scenery around Mulderdrift… You can have a look at my moms photos here, and Jeanettes photos here

The final mosaic has been posted… check it out here on flickr

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