There’s Friday’s and then there’s today…

I love Fridays! It’s the true beginning of a weekend. Well, I normally love Fridays…

On a usual Friday, my morning starts off just like any other morning, get up, wash up, dress up, eat up…then leave for work. On the drive into town, where my offices are, i always have my radio on 5fm. I love the Gareth Cliff show, some say he is rather controversial, but I love him, he always has a way of making me laugh and smile no matter what the traffic situation is outside my bubble of a car. Religiously, every Friday morning he and his team shout “ITS THE WEEKEND BABY” and from that moment on it becomes the start of my weekend…even though I’m on my to work.

Once at work, I have some tea (which is a absolute addiction of mine), read my emails and settle in for the day. Work on Fridays become rather unproductive after our team meeting as most of the office is in “Friday” mood. We sit and chat about work, actually do some work and generally have a relaxing working day.

My day normally ends around 4 in the afternoon on a Friday so I can beat traffic.

Friday nights are a buzz of entertainment (depending on the work week and how we feel of course)…clubbing, bar hopping, dinner with friends or eating out with the boyfriend. So all in all Fridays are a good day at work and at home…

But THIS MORNING was different… as soon as my eyes opened and i realised it was Friday, I had another rather irritating pound in my head that wouldn’t go away… it turns out to be a headache from HELL!!!!

So my drive into work was not very joyful…Gareth didn’t even manage to put a smile on my face in the car, and when I got into work, my body felt like a heavy lump of lard!

I think I’m getting flu… ON A FRIDAY!!! what are the odds…. AARRRGGG

…and I still want to go out tonight???

…this is where I wish I was…

Jackie on my comfy bed

Jackie on my comfy bed


2 Responses to “There’s Friday’s and then there’s today…”

  1. May 8, 2009 at 2:01 pm

    First, I think we need to get new header for you!!
    Second, you’re very lucky you’re having a quiet day at work then, if you have a headache!

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