Getting your boss to love Social Media

Because I love the online sphere of marketing so much, I thought i should start sharing some interesting things I have been learning in my new job.

Quirk has just posted a great article on how to sell social media to your boss… I think the topic of Social Media for any brand at the moment is a majorally hot topic! Seems like everyone wants a piece of the pie 🙂 But what I find most interesting and relevent about this article is the fact that it is very difficult to push the concept of social media onto your business if 1. your boss doesn’t believe in it and 2. if your brand is not relevent for that type of social media.

What I am slowly coming to realise is that, YES, we have to think about playing in the social media space, because whether we like it or not there are people talking about your brand online, but, and it’s a big BUT for some, it has to be relevant, and the type of platform you use has to be relevant. There is no point in having a Facebook profile or tweet constantly if your target audience is not noticing…

So my interim solution… make sure you get your boss involved. Having the support to take the plunge into the social media space makes it much easier and gives you the kind of support you need to carry it off, and secondly, ensure that you research where your target audience is and where the people that are talking about you are, so that you can capture their interest that much easier.

Well that was my social splurb the day 🙂 hope it was helpful!


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