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catch up – 27 Dinner

WOW, this week has been so busy, I have had no time to talk about the 27Dinner which was at 44 & Stanley Vitaminwater pop up store (for more info on Vitaminwater go here

It was a great evening for me to meet some of the media and marketing guys that I am so inspired by. Bryan came with me which was really good for him aswell. He really needed to mingle with some of the guys in the IT field. We found some very interesting people to chat to. One of them was the owner of Vitaminwater. He was a bubble of energy and really exuded a love for his product! I really respect people like that! I hope oneday to have as much passion as they do for their brand!

The evening was organised as usual by Mike Stopforth (and his company Cerebra) along with the sponsorship of Vitaminwater. They did an awesome job… we had free food (which was good to warm us up on the chilly winter evening 🙂 ) and free Vitaminwater cocktails on the house. Was great, thanks guys! 🙂

Mingling at the dinner

Mingling at the dinner

Mike Stopforth

Mike Stopforth

What was also a great addition to the evening was that Vitaminwater has set up this group of ‘grannies’ (as they put it) to knit beanies for the those in need. There were a whole lot of these beanies for us to take. They were great to keep our heads warm on the night, but we promised to pass them on to someone who needs it more than we do. Bryan and I are looking for someone to pass ours on to… I’d like to give it to a child because I know how freezing they must be in this weather!

Bryan with Beanie

Bryan with Beanie



Anyway, another very interesting person who I hope to have more comms with in the future was Llew from Clickatell. He inspired some great ideas in mobile marketing! He a short presentation on what Clickatell actually does and how to use mobile marketing effectively. It was very interesting and it definately opened my eyes to the idea of customised marketing messages being sent via sms. So thanks Llew for the great insight!! 🙂

So it was a great night and I can’t wait for the next one. I hope Jeanette can come with next time!


27 Dinner tonight

Just a quick post…

I can’t wait! Bryan and I are off to the 27 Dinner tonight! We managed to get our names on the list early, so we are GOING woo hoo!

Its looks like it’s going to be a great evening to network, listen to some music and some great minds! I think it’s going to be outside… so note to self…better dress warmly!

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