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holiday excitement…

I am so excited! Bryan and I have booked a few trips away…

The first is at the end of the month. We are going to the Drakensburg Sun for 4 days. Bryan has never been to the Drakensburg, so I can’t wait to show him how extremely beautiful it is there. It is definately one of my favourite places in SA. It’s a pity that we are going in winter though. Summer in the ‘burg is spectacular and you can use the good weather to your advantage… hiking, horse riding, swimming, sun downers in the evening overlooking the mountains. But anyway, I’m sure winter will be just as good… we’ll just have to light a fire and snuggle with blankets in the evenings. Our friends Robyn and Mark have just come back from their Drakensburg trip, so they have some good places that we can go visit while we are there.

The second trip is to Cape Town. It was a last minute decision over the weekend. I’d love to see my family and we got an AWESOME deal on flights and car hire.

We don’t really have a plan yet, but it’s only in October so i have lots and lots of time to plan the trip 😉 I think for the first few days I’d like to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Hermanus. Bryan has never been there either (even though he lived in Cape Town for 3 years… I know it’s ridiculous 🙂 ). We will be going just in time to see the end of the whale season, which will be brilliant.

This is Hermanus (beautiful isn’t it?)


The next 3 days/nights we are going to stay with my other Aunt and Uncle in Somerset West. I have not seen them in ages (it’s been WAY too long), and I really need to see my cousin. We always got on so well as children, but living so far apart is horrible when you grow up. So I think that will be GREAT fun… no dought it will involve wine tasting and beach trips and more fun in the sun! I really can’t wait!

The pity is I have to wait 4 weeks for Drakensburg (sigh) and 3 months for Cape Town (even bigger sigh). At least I have something to look forward to though.

I just can’t believe how much I have been thinking about a holiday lately. I think it’s because I actually have never worked for a period of 6 months without a holiday (being in varsity and all). So I really can’t wait to spend these weekends relaxing and having fun!


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