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i miss it…

I just have to post these 2 pictures that Jeanette took of me.

I have a absolute love for riding. It gave me so much joy for so many years and just having 5 minutes on Warrior was enough to make me miss it soooo much!

I’m not sure why I feel like I miss it so much today, but I needed to get my mind off it so I decided to post a pic. I go through days that I have this craving to be outside of the office, riding my horse in a veld. Sigh 😉

I know I’ve shown some of the pics before, but I thought i’d share these ones as well…




Photo Shoot with my best friend

On Saturday, Robz and I woke up before the crack of dawn to do make-up and get ourselves dressed and ready for our photo shoot with Jeanette.

A few weeks earlier, we all discussed the prospect of doing a TTD (trash the dress) photo shoot in our matric dance dresses. TTD is normally done in wedding dresses after the big day, so basically you can go wild and ‘trash’ your dress to get the perfect shot. I’ve seen some woman go MAD with some of these shoots… lying in the sea with their dresses, running through the bush and sometimes mud… madness! and so much fun. So… we decided that since we are going to have to wait quite a while for that to happen we would do it in our matric dance dresses. 🙂

Once slight issue… matirc was about 5 years ago, and fitting into the said dresses was turning out to be a problem 😉 In the end we settled on smart/evening wear for the shoot, but we also wanted to put a ‘funky’ spin on the photos.

So on Sat morning, J told us we needed to be up and ready at 6am to drive to Cheryl’s farm (which is in Magilsburg) to take the photos.

Her new farm is really nice. Big open spaces and of course, all the horses are there (which I love and miss dearly). The weather was horrible… it was FREEZING  and ended up raining half way through the shoot. But we has SOOO much fun!

The evening wear thing ended up not happening…it was just too cold to change, but I think we made the best of what we did wear!

The highlight of my day was having a ride on Warrior (Cheryl’s horse) He has not been ridden in a year due to some injuries, but I was privileged enough to have a wonderful ride while J took photos. It felt so good to be able to ride again! I miss it so much… he must have loved the ride, because when I let him free in the paddock when we were done, he ran wild, jumping and galloping across the field… It was wonderful to see!

All in all, it was an awesome morning and I’m so glad I got to do it with my best friend, Robyn! We have the most amazing pics now! Thanks J! 🙂

Check them out here on Jeanettes site!

Here’s a small taste…




Earth Mosaic…finally up!

A few weeks ago, my photo mad family went out and took photos to contribute to the earth mosaic photostream. My mom went out with my sister one afternoon and took some amazing photos of the scenery around Mulderdrift… You can have a look at my moms photos here, and Jeanettes photos here

The final mosaic has been posted… check it out here on flickr


Unconditional love

My girlie

My girlie

My dog, Jackie, is one of my loves in life! ‘my girlie’ as she is nick-named has my companion and love through alot in my life… I mean I wish everyone was as bouncy to see me like she is when I come home! 🙂
Something a dog does give you is unconditional love, and between her and my white lab, Robbie, I am very spoilt!

I wonder how anyone can live without a dog!
This post came to mind when I was thinking about the move ‘Marlie and me’, it is a MUST watch if you own any dog! I happen to have a lab which gave us as much grief as the lab in the movie! I think that animals form a very special connection to us and the fact that they live through (and put up with) all our tears and laughter, they definately form a major part of our lives.

I just decided to write something about my dogs, and I’ll most probably keep writing something about them as they are a HUGE part of my day.

I’m sure when I get home today, I’ll be recieving a big slobbery kiss from Robbie on my elbow (his usual spot) and a howling Jackie (she gets so excited that she can’t control herself

… just what I need to end a work day

photo by Jeanette Verster

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