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20 things that make me happy…

We went to the Drakensberg this last weekend on our first holiday jaunt! It was FANTASTIC!!!!!! I have so many pics to share… so I’ll do a new post later!


But for now, I’d like do my 20 things… I saw Jeanette did hers and I loved it! So i thought I needed to do one as well… here it goes…

20 things that make me happy 🙂

1. Getting a kiss on my nose

2. Coming home from work and having tea and gossiping with my best friend

3. going dancing with the girls!!

4. cuddling up on the couch with my boyfriend

5. having coffee and long chats with my mom

6. going on holiday to the seaside!

7. getting a “pat on the back” for work well done

8. realising that the first campaign that I ran… people actually saw what I did!

9. Reading my sisters blog

10. having dinner with bryan (in fact… just spending my weekends with bryan!)

11. listening to the rain when I’m sleeping

12. buying shoes! and clothes! and MAC makeup!!!

13. snuggling into a blanket on a cold winters night

14. connor saying “HELLO LAINY” when I come home, and Erin calling me “LAINYBUGS”!!!

15. helping Bradley write and spell words (even though I’m not that good at it!)

16. coming out of a pilates class

17. having bubble baths

18. swimming in summer

19. summer evening Braai’s with my friends

20. watching the sunset

and one more…

21. having a cup of tea after a long day at work


holiday excitement…

I am so excited! Bryan and I have booked a few trips away…

The first is at the end of the month. We are going to the Drakensburg Sun for 4 days. Bryan has never been to the Drakensburg, so I can’t wait to show him how extremely beautiful it is there. It is definately one of my favourite places in SA. It’s a pity that we are going in winter though. Summer in the ‘burg is spectacular and you can use the good weather to your advantage… hiking, horse riding, swimming, sun downers in the evening overlooking the mountains. But anyway, I’m sure winter will be just as good… we’ll just have to light a fire and snuggle with blankets in the evenings. Our friends Robyn and Mark have just come back from their Drakensburg trip, so they have some good places that we can go visit while we are there.

The second trip is to Cape Town. It was a last minute decision over the weekend. I’d love to see my family and we got an AWESOME deal on flights and car hire.

We don’t really have a plan yet, but it’s only in October so i have lots and lots of time to plan the trip 😉 I think for the first few days I’d like to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Hermanus. Bryan has never been there either (even though he lived in Cape Town for 3 years… I know it’s ridiculous 🙂 ). We will be going just in time to see the end of the whale season, which will be brilliant.

This is Hermanus (beautiful isn’t it?)


The next 3 days/nights we are going to stay with my other Aunt and Uncle in Somerset West. I have not seen them in ages (it’s been WAY too long), and I really need to see my cousin. We always got on so well as children, but living so far apart is horrible when you grow up. So I think that will be GREAT fun… no dought it will involve wine tasting and beach trips and more fun in the sun! I really can’t wait!

The pity is I have to wait 4 weeks for Drakensburg (sigh) and 3 months for Cape Town (even bigger sigh). At least I have something to look forward to though.

I just can’t believe how much I have been thinking about a holiday lately. I think it’s because I actually have never worked for a period of 6 months without a holiday (being in varsity and all). So I really can’t wait to spend these weekends relaxing and having fun!


i miss it…

I just have to post these 2 pictures that Jeanette took of me.

I have a absolute love for riding. It gave me so much joy for so many years and just having 5 minutes on Warrior was enough to make me miss it soooo much!

I’m not sure why I feel like I miss it so much today, but I needed to get my mind off it so I decided to post a pic. I go through days that I have this craving to be outside of the office, riding my horse in a veld. Sigh 😉

I know I’ve shown some of the pics before, but I thought i’d share these ones as well…




Doctors and chipmonks

I’ve come down with the flu! It’s really horrible isn’t it? I mean the word “influenza” really doesn’t describe the pain your body feels… When people say I have the flu, they should really mean it!!! I mean just having a snively nose and a cough doesn’t come close the feeling of your nervous system being shot, and your body aching from top to toe, plus the cough and the headache to go along with it all!

So anyway, on Sunday i started the dreaded flu, and on Monday I attempted the day at work. I lasted all of four hours and had to leave.  I decided that I should be a good girl and go straight to the doctor so I could get some anti-biotics and get this flu done and dusted quickly. So I went to the doc on Monday eve and got my meds happy to believe I’ll be good by Wednesday.

It was a public holiday in SA yesterday (thank god) thinking it was a good time to get sick cause I could rest and be good for work the next day. But yesterday morning I woke up to a HUGELY swollen face!!!!!! HELP!!!!! I looked like a chipmunk storing food for the winter! 🙂

After rushing off to the doc again yesterday morning, i was told that I had formed an allergic reaction to the Penicillin in my Anti-biotics which caused the swelling. I’ve been on this same anti-biotic before and never had a reaction before. The doc said that your body sometimes just decides that if you  have one anti-biotic too often your body forms a reaction to it. Last year I was on it for a long time because I had Glandular Fever.

Anyway, so I was a chipmunk for the day yesterday! I had an injection of cortisone which seemed to help and was booked off work until Thurs to let the swelling subside. I’m still a little bit swollen today so hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be chipmunk free! 

…Chipmunk OUT!!! 🙂


It’s been manic!!!

From the moment I walked in this morning it’s been hectic! I have been in team meetings, media meetings, pricing issue meetings…. PHEW!

My budget was finally finalised! Thank god! Ive spent the last 3 weeks sorting out invoices and spend from the past year… but that is finally sorted and I can now concentrate on next years budget! YAY 🙂

My permanent position got approved!!! WHOOP WHOOP. I can take a deep sigh of relief now, and I can now finally get my degree (I’m very happy 🙂 ). I really have found my first job to be a challenge, but a good one at that! It has taught me so much and I’ve actually put what I learned into practise which is what I needed. I feel so much part of the team here and I’m grateful that they have opened up their arms to me so that I can be part of the team permanently now. Yes, there are some other parts of marketing I want to explore, but for the here and now, this is perfect!

… But finally the day has calmed and I have some spare time to guzzle some soup, catch up on my blogs and check my calender before I leave.

I try to leave before the 4 o’clock rush. Town on a friday is manic and it really doesn’t allow for a great start to the weekend to be sitting in traffic (in the freakin building  for goodness sake) for an hour or so.

Tonight Bryan and I are going to KongRoast for dinner. We have been dying to go there since Jeanette and L went a few months ago… The place serves mainly asian cuisine, but you choose to either sit on the “kong” side or the “roast” side of the restaurant. Both ends have different decor and different menus, but you can eat whatever you like from both kitchens no matter what side of the restuarant you sit on! Sounds great ‘ey? 🙂

So…my weekend should start off well enough! I couldn’t get off work on Monday, so no long weekend for me 😦

Anyway, have a great weekend inspite of yourself 🙂



time with mom

Mothers day in SA was about 2 weeks ago, but my mom and I celebrated it on Saturday.

I decided that both of us needed to spend some quality time together, because since I started working, I find that we don’t spend as much time with eachother as we used to.

Before the days of work, and while I was studying, we used to go out every morning and have a cup of coffee somewhere. It was a great break from the studying and it gave me some bonding (and shopping 🙂 ) time with my mom!

So… on Saturday I booked us into Woodlands Spa for a hot stone massage and a pedicure. WOW!!!!! It was amazing! I recommend it to anyone who loves (and needs) to be pampered! The massage was brilliant! I managed to forget all about the pain of my teeth and actually relax!

I booked a couples room for the two of us. Their normal rooms are great, but it’s more special if you can have the treatments done together in one room. The rooms have little wooden decks and big glass windows that look over the Crocodile River… very peaceful!

We sat and had a really nice tea and chocolate muffin when we were done! I know what you’re thinking, chocolate after doing the healthy, healing thing, but it was so indulgent and yummy!

It was a wonderful day with my mom, she really deserves all the pampering in the world, and I hope it made her relax just a little! Thanks mommy for spending it with me! 🙂


Photo Shoot with my best friend

On Saturday, Robz and I woke up before the crack of dawn to do make-up and get ourselves dressed and ready for our photo shoot with Jeanette.

A few weeks earlier, we all discussed the prospect of doing a TTD (trash the dress) photo shoot in our matric dance dresses. TTD is normally done in wedding dresses after the big day, so basically you can go wild and ‘trash’ your dress to get the perfect shot. I’ve seen some woman go MAD with some of these shoots… lying in the sea with their dresses, running through the bush and sometimes mud… madness! and so much fun. So… we decided that since we are going to have to wait quite a while for that to happen we would do it in our matric dance dresses. 🙂

Once slight issue… matirc was about 5 years ago, and fitting into the said dresses was turning out to be a problem 😉 In the end we settled on smart/evening wear for the shoot, but we also wanted to put a ‘funky’ spin on the photos.

So on Sat morning, J told us we needed to be up and ready at 6am to drive to Cheryl’s farm (which is in Magilsburg) to take the photos.

Her new farm is really nice. Big open spaces and of course, all the horses are there (which I love and miss dearly). The weather was horrible… it was FREEZING  and ended up raining half way through the shoot. But we has SOOO much fun!

The evening wear thing ended up not happening…it was just too cold to change, but I think we made the best of what we did wear!

The highlight of my day was having a ride on Warrior (Cheryl’s horse) He has not been ridden in a year due to some injuries, but I was privileged enough to have a wonderful ride while J took photos. It felt so good to be able to ride again! I miss it so much… he must have loved the ride, because when I let him free in the paddock when we were done, he ran wild, jumping and galloping across the field… It was wonderful to see!

All in all, it was an awesome morning and I’m so glad I got to do it with my best friend, Robyn! We have the most amazing pics now! Thanks J! 🙂

Check them out here on Jeanettes site!

Here’s a small taste…



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