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time with mom

Mothers day in SA was about 2 weeks ago, but my mom and I celebrated it on Saturday.

I decided that both of us needed to spend some quality time together, because since I started working, I find that we don’t spend as much time with eachother as we used to.

Before the days of work, and while I was studying, we used to go out every morning and have a cup of coffee somewhere. It was a great break from the studying and it gave me some bonding (and shopping 🙂 ) time with my mom!

So… on Saturday I booked us into Woodlands Spa for a hot stone massage and a pedicure. WOW!!!!! It was amazing! I recommend it to anyone who loves (and needs) to be pampered! The massage was brilliant! I managed to forget all about the pain of my teeth and actually relax!

I booked a couples room for the two of us. Their normal rooms are great, but it’s more special if you can have the treatments done together in one room. The rooms have little wooden decks and big glass windows that look over the Crocodile River… very peaceful!

We sat and had a really nice tea and chocolate muffin when we were done! I know what you’re thinking, chocolate after doing the healthy, healing thing, but it was so indulgent and yummy!

It was a wonderful day with my mom, she really deserves all the pampering in the world, and I hope it made her relax just a little! Thanks mommy for spending it with me! 🙂